Passage Drepani Clubhouse


This video is taken last January. Have a look at our beautiful resort.

Where we are

We are located in the Drepani lagoon near Galatas in Peloponnese opposite the picturesque island of Poros. The area has lots to offer apart from wonderful skiing conditions. There are beautiful beaches nearby to visit, the village of Galatas, the city of Poros, the shops, the restaurants, the night life of the island only 10 minutes away.


The video was taken in August.

Poros island

Poros island



Who we are

We are a waterski family. I met my husband while I was a customer at his ski school. I was only 13 years of age. I have always admired his passion for the sport and his love for teaching people. We have four wonderful children who share the same passion as us. They are all slalom skiers apart from our youngest one who is a passionate barefooter! I guess by now I have inherited the passion of teaching myself. 

Sotiris p.b. 2@10.75/55

Sotiris p.b. 2@10.75/55

Filippos Kyprios (1996)

We are proud to announce that of our oldest son Filippos at the age of 25, he has won more than eight (8) National titles, a 2nd place in the European Championships in the U21 category and a 6th place in the World Championships in the U21 Category in Slalom and an 11th place in the OPEN MEN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS this year! He holds the Greek National Record in the Open Category which is 3@10.25/58km 



Sotiris (1957)

He is the founder and soul of the place. His dream was to create a waterski paradise and his dream became a reality. He has many National titles and 4 European titles and he teaches from complete beginners to pro skiers. He has the Greek National Record in his category 55+ which he hopes to break soon. 

Filippos 3@10.25/58

Filippos 3@10.25/58

Drepani Waterski Resort

This is our beautiful Resort operating since 2005. It has 8 standard rooms, two double bedroom apartments, and one big family room. In 2015 we added two Junior Suites and 2 Master Suites.

We can serve the needs of all budgets and preferences. Our Resort is surrounded by a beautiful garden and plenty of grass, which kids find very attractive to play football between ski sessions. Moreover, we operate a 33-meter swimming pool with hydro jets and a jacuzzi to relax sore muscles post and pre-skiing. A sauna and mini gym are available on site. You can ask the staff in the kitchen to book.

Our slalom course is just outside your doorstep!

Our slalom course is just outside your doorstep!

Main Building

Main Building

Marianna Konti National Champion in  Slalom with 2@12/55

Marianna Konti National Champion in Slalom with 2@12/55


At Drepani we mainly teach slalom skiing. We have two fully equipped slalom courses for experienced skiers and one for the learner skiers. We teach complete beginners to world-class slalom skiers. We also offer you the opportunity to try trick skiing, barefoot and wakeboard. However, if you are an advanced wakeboarder we suggest that you visit our ski school in Poros, Passage ( as we operate a Malibu tow boat specializing in wakeboarding and wakesurfing. 

Moreover, on-site, we offer massage treatments, yoga sessions, pilates and other therapies. Sauna and mini gym is available as well. See available brochures or contact me.  WhatsApp:  +306977779868

Reccommended by

Your hostess

My name is Marianna,  National Champion in my category and ranked third in the European Waterski Slalom Championships in the Women's' 35+ category.  I am here to help out with anything you might need. I am happy to arrange your transfer from Athens International Airport to arrive safely and hassle free at Drepani Resort. I will book you a nice room or suite according to your needs. I can book your ski lessons throughout the day and inform you about other activities you can do while you are here, from visiting various attractions on the island of Poros to visiting other neighboring islands and archeological sites in the area. I can book you massages, mani-pedi, facials and other relaxing activities ( such as yoga/pilates) to make the most out of your time with us. 



Τάνυα Σμυρνή

25.08.2022 09:17

Καλησπέρα σας, Ενδιαφέρομαι για 30/8-1/9, είμαστε 2 ενήλικες και 2 παιδιά 13 και 8 ετών, υπάρχει διαθεσιμότητα ; Σας ευχαριστώ εκ των προτέρων. Τιμές επίσης για μαθήματα σκι ;

Nicky Skipsey

01.08.2022 07:32

My ski club has recommended yourselves. We would be looking for a holiday in October, 2 adults and 1 child age 13.


04.08.2022 07:01

Hello Nicky. We have avialability in October, Please give more specific dates to send you what we can offer you.

Alain Stephan

23.07.2022 14:27

Hi I am planning to bring my family on August 26 till 27, we have our car, my wife and I with 4 teenagers. I would like to check the availability and cost please, thank you


04.08.2022 07:04

Alain, we have spoken on whatsapp- still trying to find some dates for you, as August is very busy. You will hear from me shortly


24.06.2022 18:57

Γεια σας,
Θέλω να κλείσω ένα/δυο δωμάτια για την οικογένεια μας (2 μεγάλοι και 3 παιδιά -5,7 και 8 χρόνων) για το ΣΚ 15-17 Ιουλίου. Μήπως έχετε availability?


27.07.2022 13:54

Dear Alan, Call us or e-mail us a day before you arrive. We will make arrangements. Thank you in advance


01.07.2022 13:50

Angelina mou Καλησπερα! Δυστυχως δεν εχουμε καθολου availability 15-17/7. Το μονο που εχω ειναι ενα οικογενειακο δωματιο 11/7 με 15/7. Αν σας ενδιαφερει, μου λετε! Ευχαριστω

Catherine Santorinaiou

03.06.2022 05:00

Μαριαννα καλημέρα σας, θα θέλαμε ένα δωμάτιο για 3 άτομα 14/8-17/8 (εγώ, ο σύζυγος μου και η 16/χρονη κόρη μας ).


09.06.2022 05:57

Catherine μου, Καλημερα! Συγνώμη που καθυστερησα να δω το μηνυμα σας. Λυπαμαι αλλα δεν εχουμε ολες τις ημερομηνιες που θελέτε. Αυτη τη στιγμη υπαρχει διαθεσιμοτητα μονο 13-16/8 και ισως και νωριτερα.


15.05.2022 14:30

Hi, how mutch is the price for 3 days September?


09.06.2022 05:58

Dear NIcole, Thank you for your message. If you are single, the room is at 90 euro per day, and each set of ski is 50 euro. A minimum of two sets a day is advised.

15.03.2022 20:35


30.09.2021 09:22

What is the price for a room for two persons october 2021 ?
For exemple , october 5 , 6 and 7 !
Thank you for your respons
Catherine Gabart


12.10.2021 05:38

HI Catherine, Sorry I was busy with our competition last weekend and never responded to this mail. We now have availability if you still want to come.

Fredrik Åström

24.09.2021 14:50

Poros cup 2021!?

Hi my name is Fredrik and I wondering if there is some opertynety for me to joine your waterski-comp 9-10 oktober?
And if I can live on your site? From fre-mon 8-11?
I live in sweden

Jane Swadling

04.09.2021 12:52

Do you still offer waterskiing lessons from 22-27 October?

Marianna Conti

04.09.2021 13:01

Of course we offer water ski lessons all year round. Please send me an e-mail if you want to book with us,

Hildegard Jasser-Nitsche

28.08.2021 17:41

I am enquiring about an Apartment/Room from Oct 23 - 30, 2921, for me and my 2 children (10 and 12 Years old).


29.08.2021 13:25

Hi Jaseer,

We have availability in October In 23-30, 2021. A triple room is at 105 euros per day breakfast included. If you wish to boo, please send us an e-mail to make a reservation

Eric Kimia

16.06.2021 01:45

It looks like a paradise with super nice people, Eric


29.08.2021 13:25

Thank you

Eric Kimia

16.06.2021 01:44

Hi Marianna,

I need some prices for the apartments to stay for 2 weeks in September even for next year if you are booked. Thanks, Eric

Eric Kimia

01.09.2021 22:08

Hello Marianna,
We still have some travel restrictions and problems for coming back. I will not be able to come in September to Drepani. I hope next year sometimes we can come for a long visit.


31.08.2021 05:03

Dear Eric,

are you still interested in coming this September? If so, we have availability after the 12/9 onwards. Thank you


29.08.2021 13:26

All our prices are listed at our website. If you want any other details, please send me an e-mail.

Moustapha monla

13.06.2021 04:17

Love the website!!!!! Just passing by 🙃🙃🙃🙃


14.08.2021 03:44

Love you Moussi! You know that!


14.08.2021 03:44

Hi Eric! We have space in September.PLease contact me on my whatsapp +6977779868 or e-mail me at I will answer all your questions!

Artemis Tsakalou Tatsiou

04.06.2021 12:26



17.05.2021 19:14

Hello : i shall be in your area (Nesr Nafplio) 12/17 septembre ; i am interested to spend 2 or3 days in your resort for skiing . have you any possibility ? Thank you; best regards , denis

Bryan Sher

15.05.2021 17:43

Hello I am interested in skiing at your site this fall. Is it too late to come at the end of October or early November?


06.03.2021 09:31

Great and very sympathic presentation. I'd like to meet you next time I'm on Poros-Neorion.


06.03.2021 17:32

With pleasure!

vivi pfiffner

25.10.2020 19:58

greetings from Urs Switzerland. I would like to come beginning November with my wife. Still possible? We still ski in our lake..12 degrees water Greetings vivi

Bertie Hanna

03.08.2020 11:37

Hi there,

I was wondering if there is availability for the rest of August/September? Additionally is there good WiFi on the resort?
Thanks a lot


08.08.2020 05:42

Hello Bertie, Yes we have availability in August and September Can you give me some possible dates? The wifi is good!

Tassilo Scrymgeour

02.08.2020 09:26

Hello, we would like to have a wakeboarding session if possible. Thank you

Ioanna Kitsara

09.03.2020 19:44

Καλησπέρα σας
Θα ήθελα να ενημερωθώ παρακαλώ για διαμονή από 17-4 έως 21-4
Ευχαριστώ πολύ


10.03.2020 06:12

Πολυ ευχαριστως! Μπορειτε να μας καλεσετε στο 6977779868 ή να μου στελετε το email σας να σας στειλω πληροφοριες. Ποσα ατομα ειστε συνολο, και ποσοι κανουν σκι;

Sandra Stehli

17.01.2020 07:53

Hi Marianna, Sandra, Hans, Ennea from Switzerland. Do you have 2 of the new apartments downstairs available from 11 or 12 Th - 18Th or 19 Th April? My what’s up no: 0041 763766316


07.03.2020 04:22

Your stay is all set. Two apartments as you requested. We are very much looking forward to having you skiing with us again!

Steve Ritter

28.12.2019 15:05

I visited the Passage Water Ski Club about 30 years ago. Is Drepani the same place?


03.01.2020 08:04

Hi STeve, same owners Sotiris and Marianna ( his wife) but located oposite of Poros island since we have a lso a hotel to stay now. Send me your mail address for more info!


09.12.2019 16:49

Looks beautiful! What is the pricing for a stay for 2 adults? We are from BC Canada

Fiona Rose

27.10.2019 09:12

I am making initial enquiries into a holiday either next May or possibly early October. I have recently rediscovered waterskiing(at 62!) and really would love to Know more about what you offer.


07.08.2019 04:48

Yes we have wakesurf


05.08.2019 15:04

Hello I’d like to know if you have wakesurf there too. Thank you


19.03.2019 10:32

Hi! The ski school is at the laggoon Drepani infront of the resort ! You can put ut in google msos! Drepani wate ski resort!


19.03.2019 09:25

Good website..... but where is your school?

marianna konti

30.03.2019 06:50

Hi Chris! Our ski school is oposite of Poros island in Greece, in a lagoon called DREPANI. Our hotel is located on the mainland (Peleponnese- Galatas area) 160 klms from Athens airport.

Bradley Grant

16.03.2019 11:48

Hi! I am a Canadian recreational skier. Mostly slalom, my PB is 28 off at 34mph but I have not skied since Sept. (Long Winter). I would like information about coming to ski at your resort! Thank you!


17.03.2019 06:14

Hi Bradley! Thank you for your message. Please send me your e-mail so I can forward you information on our Resort. My mail is

Carolina Economou

27.09.2018 11:24

Drepani resort is like a soul balsam. It’s a unique escapade from day to day routine and only a breath away from Athens city and my weekend salvation! Amazing people and coaches 👍🏻


Great place to go.

Very very nice family who likes to ski.

Best place to relax and ski.

Very good ski instruction to help you progress.

If you like good food this is your place .

Karli Stenger

25.09.2018 16:29

24.09.2018 21:44

Wonderful place for your family, and the skiing is awesome! Beautiful resort and wonderful hostess!!! We will definitely be back😊😊

Maria Shepard

21.09.2018 12:10

Fabulous resort , hospitable, fun , great activities and tasty food .Great place to visit
The host and hostess make you feel at home .
My family and I enjoyed our stay when we visited Greece

Eva Kusy

21.09.2018 11:30

hi Marianna ! Looks very nice ! hope to see you ! Kind regards eva

Karen Jones

21.09.2018 07:11

Fantastic place to ski well and the apres ski party is always fun too! Always a guaranteed great place for a family holiday


21.09.2018 07:13

My party animal companion!!! At Drepani we do not only know how to ski but DANCE AND SING as well!!


21.09.2018 06:53

I have been around at many Resorts and many ski schools! There is nothing like Drepani. Other than the physical location, there is Sotiris and Marianna and Ur kids that are such a warm family!


12.09.2018 12:27


Karine saghbini

25.08.2018 07:43

Best place to be , best ambiance, best ski school


21.09.2018 06:45

Thanks Karine! Looking forward to having you back!

Vaggelis m

09.08.2018 17:34

Most lovely place !!!!

Latest comments

10.09 | 07:30

i would like to reserve a master suite for two adults (couple) in your resort from 20th sept until 23rd sept

25.08 | 09:17

Καλησπέρα σας, Ενδιαφέρομαι για 30/8-1/9, είμαστε 2 ενήλικες και 2 παιδιά 13 και 8 ετών, υπάρχει διαθεσιμότητα ; Σας ευχαριστώ εκ των προτέρων. Τιμές επίσης για μαθήματα σκι ;

04.08 | 07:04

Alain, we have spoken on whatsapp- still trying to find some dates for you, as August is very busy. You will hear from me shortly

04.08 | 07:01

Hello Nicky. We have avialability in October, Please give more specific dates to send you what we can offer you.

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